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Forever Homes

It is my goal to find permanent homes for all of my puppies. I do this by evaluating the puppy’s personality and the type of home a specific puppy will require. The goal is to create a perfect match so that the buyer and the puppy live harmoniously together. I start potty training and teaching commands at four weeks of age. The puppies are exposed to cats and the other dogs that live on the premises with me. The puppies live indoors, along with all animals in my home.

Please do your research on Great Danes and make sure that you can provide the home that they will require. I have posted several websites on the “Resources” page that provide considerable information on the Great Danes. I do prefer that puppies go to homes with fenced yards and that your puppy will be an inside dog and live as a member of your family. I am very committed to finding permanent homes for my precious puppies. If a buyer can no longer keep their Carousel Dane puppy, the puppy/dog MUST be returned to me so that I can ensure they find a suitable home.

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Must-Know Info About YOUR Puppy

AKC Registration

AKC REGISTRATION, All puppies are sold with limited registration to approved homes as pets/companions with a spay/neuter contract in place.

Limited registration allows for competition in agility and obedience classes but does not allow you to show your puppy in conformation classes. The sole purpose of conformation classes is to judge a dog’s adherence to the breed standard to determine worthiness for breeding. This is also why spayed/neutered dogs cannot compete in conformation classes – there would be no point. Also, any puppies produced from a limited registration would not be eligible for registration with the AKC. Exception to my Limited Registration policy may be made for a select number of puppies should several qualifications be met by both the puppy and the buyer. The puppy would have to meet specific AKC breed standard characteristics and exhibit potential for a successful show career. The potential buyer(s) would need to be actively involved in showing/breeding and have some level of experience in the breed in order to be approved for a show-quality puppy. This exception is also dependent on the terms of the agreement with the owner of the sire and stud owner always reserves the right to approve a show home.


Shipping is available at Buyer’s expense and must be paid in full before 8 weeks of age. Please be aware that Shipping does have its limitations, i.e. airlines will not ship a puppy if the local climate is too cold or hot. Shipping costs vary but are usually around $500 for the flight plus the kennel and other necessary supplies. You are always welcome to come to my home to pick up your puppy if that is a feasible option for you.

Included With Your Puppy

All puppies will go to their Forever Homes with complete AKC registration puppy contract, Genetic defect guarantee per Puppy Contract, micro-chipped, Florida health certificate, collar, toys that smell like mommy, an initial supply of food, and complete medical record showing all deworming’s and necessary vaccinations (see below for more info).

If You Need To Return Your Puppy

If, for any reason whatsoever you cannot keep your puppy/dog for the duration of its life – you are required by contract to return him/her to me at your expense.

Selling or re-homing your Carousel Dane without my written authorization is a direct breach of contract. In the event that you find you must rehome your puppy and you happen to have a friend or family member that you would like to place him/her with – please contact me, as this may be arranged pending approval of a new home and transfer of contract.

Ear Cropping

The decision to crop or not to crop is a personal and/or philosophical decision. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

How much time am I willing to put into ear taping and aftercare?

Ear taping can last up to 12 months or more.

Do I have a local vet experienced in the care of cropped ears should I have trouble taping them myself?

Cropped ears are a commitment and there is nothing less attractive than a cropped Dane left untaped.

Are there Health Reasons for Cropping or Not Cropping?

The answer is No. Most ear issues are directly related to systemic yeast infections. These systemic yeast infections are caused by poor diets and the overuse of antibiotics.

Can I Crop after I Purchase My Puppy from Carousel Danes

The answer is NO. There are very few vets experienced in this procedure. Cropping is not only surgery but also an ART form. To ensure that your Danes ears are properly cropped and properly healed Carousel Danes will take responsibility for the actual cropping and 2 to 3 week aftercare prior to releasing the puppy to its new family.

Other Info

Carousel Danes cannot guarantee that cropped ears will stand erect. The ability of the ear to stand depends solely on the ability of the owner to follow through with taping and support procedures provided by the breeder.

Carousel Danes Puppy Information

Puppy Information

AKC REGISTRATION, All puppies are sold with limited registration to approved homes as pets/companions with a spay/neuter contract in place.

If you are chosen to join our family, a deposit in the amount of $500.00 will be due and applied to the purchase price of your new puppy. Deposits should be made payable to: Amanda Tebault. NO puppies will be “held” without a deposit, no exception. Selection for which puppy your family will receive will be a joint effort. You are welcome to come and see the puppies, play with them and give your input. If you are unable to come in person for a visit, we will choose the appropriate puppy for your family based on your questionnaire, experience level, needs and wants….every attempt will be made to ensure that your new addition to your family is exactly what you have dreamed of. Your puppy will be ready to go to your home at 8 weeks of age, will be given all appropriate vaccinations, deworming, microchip, health certificate/or flight certificate (cost of puppy does not include cost of flight or crate). Puppies are sold “uncropped”, unless you have past experience with taping.

Co-owned show puppies are available to approved homes.

Companion puppies: $3500 on a spay/neuter contract (limited registration).

Companion Puppy can compete too!

Ear cropping is an additional cost and will be total cost of crop and puppy will stay for 2 extra weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a used car lot and we do not negotiate prices on puppies.

Shipping, cost of air kennel, water bowl, bedding, is not included in the cost of your puppy. Your balance will be due at the time the puppy is 5 weeks old. Your puppy will be ready to come home at the age of 8 weeks old.

Thank you again for your interest in our dogs & puppies!

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Make checks payable to Amanda Tebault McKnight

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